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Bits and bows


Bits and bows

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A Lilly for Every Shape


Wear: Shorter shifts that fit close to the body.  Look for vertical piping like on the Pearl Halter Shift

Avoid: Lots of voluminous fabric. Dresses like the Kingston Maxi Caftan will swallow your small frame.


Wear: Maxi dresses.  They show off your height nicely.  The blousy style of the Marlisa Strapless Maxi Dress allows you to adjust the length a little bit in case the skirt is a bit too short for your gorgeous gams.

Avoid: Minis.  Too much leg just looks tartish.  While the Delia Shift is super cute, it is just too short of a style for a tall girl to pull off.

Full Bust

Wear: Fuller coverage tops.  Thicker straps, like the ones on the Lexington Dress, are bra friendly and features a flattering V neck without being too revealing.  With the right undergarments, strapless styles can also be quite flattering.

Avoid: Voluminous details around the neckline.  Ruffles and pleats add unnecessary volume in the wrong spots.  The empire cut of the Phoebe Ruffle Neckline Dress will only emphasize a large chest.  Crew necklines should also be avoided, as they create the dreaded uniboob.

Small Bust

Wear: Ruffles by the neckline.  The extra fabric will create the illusion of a fuller bust.  Look for styles that don’t plunge too deep, like the Adeline Ruffle Dress, as a deep V will only emphasize your lack of cleavage.

Avoid: Halters with low necklines.  You won’t fill them out.  The Ross Halter Dress won’t look nearly as pretty with extra fabric up top.

Broad Shoulders

Wear: Halters with fuller skirts.  The halter neckline will break up line of your decoupage while showing off those strong shoulders.  A fuller skirt will help balance out your proportions.  The Kailey Chiffon Halter Dress is PERFECT for flattering your body shape.

Avoid: Wide necklines with cap or flutter sleeves.  They will only make your shoulders look wider.  A strong, horizontal neckline, like the one on the Robyn Short Sleeve Dress, will give you a more masculine shape.

Wide Hips

Wear: A-line dresses with spaghetti straps.  An a-line skirt, like the one on the Ollie Fit and Flare Dress, will hide larger hips and thighs without adding too much volume.  Showing a little more skin up top will help balance your proportions.  Spaghetti straps tend to flatter this body shape, since people who carry their weight on their lower half tend to have beautiful, delicate arm.

Avoid: Details that cut across the hip and thigh.  The lace detailing on the Liz Shift is not your friend.  It essentially acts as two arrows pointing towards your trouble spot.  The horizontal pockets don’t help either.


Wear: A standard shift.  The straight lines of the Delia Shift will camouflage a not so toned midsection while showing off those gorgeous arms and legs.

Avoid:  Anything too clingly.  Dresses with a high Lycra content, like the Briella Fit & Flare Dress, tend to highlight a rounder belly.


Wear: Anything.  You’re lucky.  Most styles work well on an hourglass shape as long as you keep your top half and bottom half balanced.  A slim fitting strapless dress that emphasizes your tiny waist, like the Leavens Strapless Fitted Dress, will look amazing on you!

Avoid: Anything that hides your waist too much.  If you’ve got a great shape, why hide it?  While a taller or more slender hourglass might be able to pull off a dress that has more fabric around the middle, like the Emmett Strapless Maxi Dress, this style might make a fuller hourglass look frumpy.


Wear: Peplums.  It’s amazing how a little ruffle of fabric can fake a totally feminine shape!  The Abby Peplum Sheath Dress will create the illusion of curves in all the right places.

Avoid: Dresses where you provide the shape.  A style like the Shianne V-Neck Dress will look exactly the same on both you and the hanger - shapeless and empty. 


"Let’s have a party and let’s have it tonight!" 🍸(via Lilly Pulitzer)


"Let’s have a party and let’s have it tonight!" 🍸(via Lilly Pulitzer)

Anonymous asked: I really like your blog and your style. I was wondering if it is weird for me (I'm black) to like preppy clothes & stuff. I really do, but I don't to be judge.


You can wear whatever you want!!! No matter your size or race! Who cares what everyone else says?! Be yourself!


Wear what you love and what makes you feel beautiful.


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palm beach