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This was one of the first Lilly dresses that I ever purchased.  It must have been around 2006.  Of all the dresses I have owned, it was easily one of my top 10 all time favorites.  Sadly, after much love, we had to part ways.  It was a casualty of my pregnancy.  My expanding belly stretched the organza too much, and the fabric near the zipper finally gave somewhere around the 6th month.
Over the past year, I stalked eBay in hopes of reuniting with my long lost love.  Realistically, I knew the chances of finding a dress that hasn’t been in stores for at least 6 years were pretty slim, let alone one in my size.  Still, I kept hoping that one day it would show up.  I finally found it yesterday, brand new with tags, for a fraction of the original price.  It’s a size bigger than I wear, but I can easily have it taken in.  I’m so happy!!!